Valentines day is right around the corner!

”Whatever you do, make sure it has the shape of a heart or that it’s pink!”. That’s what one of my co-workers told me last week, haha. Well valentines day is coming up so I get it. And valentines day here in the US I’d say it’s huge. ”Too much love” as Leilani said today… Ashley is like the macaron God, so she has made tons of macarons, a special dessert is taking place as we speak and I have made an almond/cherry/white chocolate ganache kind of pastry for that day. A couple of days ago we had an order for 90 (!) chocolate covered strawberries so I guess it’s already starting.

Almond/cherry/white chocolate ganache for valentines day!

Last week I worked for six days straight. Honestly that doesn’t really bother me at all even though I am pretty tired on day six. I finally had tuesday and wednesday off now, and this week I went to a wine- and champagne bar called Battery Park Book Exchange. Such a cool place! You pretty much zip on a glass of wine in a bookstore. The tables are right in the middle of all the books, it’s beautiful!

One of the sitting areas at Battery Park Book Exchange.

I also try to do some grocery shopping when I have the day off since I have to go by bus or lyft/uber to get to the store = takes a bit of time. The buses here don’t leave very often so you need to plan your trips.

On my way home from the bus…

Last Monday I went to see an artist called Margo Price at the Orange Peel here in Asheville. She’s not one of my favorites, but I just thought ”why not? I’m here!”. She was really good and it was nice to feel that you don’t exactly have to have someone with you to go to a concert. Normally I have a bunch of friends with me (I did miss you guys of course!) but this time it was just me.

It has only been 1,5 month but I already feel that I have grown so much as a person already. I have faced a lot of fears already and I now know that I can do a lot more than I first thought. I think that’s one of the perks with going to a school or an internship abroad. You grow a lot as a person. I was supposed to have a classmate of mine with me but so far he has not decided if he wants to come here or not. I really hope he comes over, but if not I now know for sure that I’ll be just fine and that’s kind of a nice feeling!

Brought my own bag from Sweden. Thank God for that because here they ONLY use a ton of plastic bags which kind of pisses me off…

In about just a month, three of my rommates (we live 5 ppl in a 3 bedroom apartment) are going back to Chile. It’s gonna be weird without them here since they’ve been here eversince I came in January. Living 5 girls in one apartment works pretty well I gotta say. I am of course the oldest one, and that can sometimes be a bit of a challenge since I’m kind of over the ”party until 3 am” part of my life. But most of the times they are very respectful since I’m the only one right now that needs to get up at 5.30 every morning. It’s all about respect and common sense if you ask me.

On Sunday this week, me and a friend are gonna go visit a waterfall right outside Asheville! Exploring is something I am very determined to do while I’m here so this is gonna be a lot of fun!
Also, next week I am going on a little vacation here; I am going to New York City for three days to visit a friend of mine! I am looking forward to that so much and I promise to post a lot of pictures when I come home! I have a couple of bakeries there that I’d like to visit. Not sure that we will have time for that but fingers crossed!

Now I am off to make some dinner and then study a bit for the upcoming Servsafe course/test on Monday!



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